“Something had to be done to make hats affordable for Bnai Torah”

Prior to my son’s Bar Mitzvah, I realized that after the cost of teffilin and a kiddush, a close third place was his hats! There was no inexpensive yeshivish hat, even for the weekdays. I decided that something had to be done to make hats affordable for Bnai Torah.

After reexamining every step of the retail hat industry, from manufacturing to sales, I have B”H come up with a product which is affordable and looks terrific!

No longer will your weekday hat be the one you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing on Shabbos. Purchasing a new hat for the mishpacha does not have to cost close to a thousand dollars. Won’t it be nice to only worry about your little tzaddik away in camp – but not worry about his hat?

So treat yourself to a new hat. With the money you save, perhaps you can purchase some seforim so you can not only look like a Ben Torah, but live like one as well.

The dream has become a reality and Boruch Hashem, Yeshivish Hats are proudly worn by customers across the U.S. and Canada. We have even received orders from Thailand, France, Germany and Rio De Janero!

Customers have showered us with blessings and expressions of appreciation for providing quality yeshivish hats at such affordable prices. Of course, a true sign of success is repeat customers. Now that we have a couple of years behind us, it is gratifying to see how many satisfied customers are reordering and taking advantage of our new styles as well!